Enhance your facilities.

Barrier® Hand & Body Wash is based on the same all-natural formulation as the our consumer Barrier® Body Wash, but is designed for commercial soap dispensers, staff-facing facilities and other commercial applications.

Health-conscious businesses - such as restaurants and medical clinics - recognise the importance of halting the spread of microorganisms and other pathogens. With Triclosan (and 18 other "antibacterial" ingredients) no longer being marketable due to a recent FDA ruling - not to mention the numerous health and environmental concerns attributed to the use of Triclosan - Barrier is the best all-natural alternative.

In customer-facing commercial applications, you'll see increased customer satisfaction and, more likely than not, be faced with the following recurring question: where can I get this? In fact, Barrier retailers that also use Barrier in their customer-facing soap dispensers see a noticeable increase in sales.

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